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Reading is at the heart of our school. It is our aim that, by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently, with confidence and passion, in any subject by establishing an environment where reading for pleasure is at the forefront and for pupils to be able to access and acquire knowledge across the curriculum using their comprehension skills.


Working closely with our feeder settings, we ensure no opportunity is missed. Once the children embark on their learning journey at our school, they begin to embed early reading skills through our phonics program (Read, Write, Inc.) Throughout our Early Years setting children are exposed to a wide variety of reading material: understanding how print can carry meaning in a variety of ways. We create discussions around the books we read, explore new vocabulary and key features of different texts, infer meaning and retrieve information - this continues throughout their learning journey.


All children and staff are encouraged to read for pleasure. Our love and passion for reading is nurtured through our guided reading sessions, class book corners and school library. In addition, we also centre most of our writing on key texts. Following a ‘Lavendon Reading Diet’, the children have the opportunity to read and listen to classics such as The Wind and the Willows and Jabberwocky, to modern classics such as The Gruffalo and Harry Potter. We use books to understand and explore a range of topics: migration, cultural diversity, mental health, and inspirational people. We recognise that these topics may not be something that our children are familiar with or have exposure to. However, we understand the importance of exploring them with the children and feel that books and stories provide the ideal opportunity to foster discussions and build upon their understanding.


As a school, we also visit the MK library bus once a week, celebrate World Book Day, and host book fairs. Additionally, we have a host of adult volunteers, including our local PCSO, who read to the children in assemblies and classes. However, most importantly of all, after lunch every day, we dim the lights, the children find a comfy spot (even taking their shoes and socks off), and we drop everything and read!

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