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We recognise that music provides children the freedom to be creative and an opportunity to shine outside of the classroom too. We value the importance of learning and playing an instrument as we know that it builds confidence and is a medium that is universal to all.

Through Dimensions we give children opportunities for improvisation and composition of their own music which allows them to experiment with technology and perform regularly to their peers. They also have the opportunity to listen to and appraise a range of music from different historical periods, genres and styles. Children explore a range of musical elements e.g. pitch, tempo, and form, using their voices and musical instruments.

Children in Year 3 receive whole class instrumental sessions where they learn the basics of the violin, start to play and compose simple tunes and perform to their peers. These lessons have also led to a greater amount of children taking up learning a musical instrument within our school (taught by specialists from the MK Music Co-operative). We currently have children from Year 1 through to Year 6 learning a musical instrument within our school and we are proud to showcase their talents through our end of year music performance for parents.

Children sing regularly for enjoyment through our whole school singing assemblies and music is always used to enter and exit assemblies, often linking to our school values or assembly theme.