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Deep Dive Into Our Curriculum

Intent for our curriculum

We recognise that our pupils deserve learning opportunities that encourage them to be creative, enquiring and reflective through a curriculum that is exciting, engaging, and highly relevant. We believe in empowering our pupils to become open-minded, independent, well-rounded individuals.

To achieve this, we have implemented a coherent, sequential curriculum model that enables pupils’ learning to connect and progress, year-on-year.

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For a lot of our curriculum we follow Dimensions: Learning Means the World Curriculum.  Our children are split into 4 age groups. These groups are Explorers (EYFS), Pathfinders (KS1), Adventurers (LKS2) and Navigators (UKS2). Each of the thematic units taught in each age group aims to develop different traits and skills in the children as they progress through their learning pathway.

Curriculum Policy

These are as follows: 

Click below to see our progression documents and long-term plans for each of the subjects.