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A Guide to Seesaw

Seesaw Classroom is specifically for students. It has been predominantly used just in the classroom and has only been made available for home learning due to the pandemic; this is why there are two apps.

Before the pandemic, parents were only aware of Seesaw Families, as this was used by teachers to share the work on Seesaw class with those at home. If you have more than one child using Seesaw Classroom you will need to log out and log the other child in when viewing or updating work.

Providing you have each child's QR code this should be a quick and simple process. The children do not need to be continually logged in, homework is set once a term, and Guided Reading every Monday.

If there are any additional updates you'll be notified by the teacher on the Seesaw Family app.  Seesaw Families is a way to keep parents updated with their child's learning journey. Examples of this may include showing you something your child has completed in class or keeping you up to date with key information.

To submit work or record reads please see below. 




Viewing my child's learning journey

Seesaw Family is an app for parents to view what their child has been doing at home. You can like and comment on your child's posts. 

Teachers may also use this to keep you up to date with important events or key learning opportunities. 

How to upload my child's homework

Adding homework.

Ideally, this should be submitted by the child with adult supervision, but you are welcome to post on their behalf.

- Sign in to Seesaw Classroom using your child's home learning code

- Select activities

- Scroll down to find the homework activity

- Click add

- Add or upload your homework

- Click the green tick

- Your homework will be saved and made available to the class teacher

How to upload a reading comment

Posting a reading comment. 

This is ideally recorded by the child, but parents are welcome to add a comment using their child's account.

Log onto Seesaw Class using the child's QR code.

- Select activities at the bottom

- Scroll down to reading comments

- Click add

- Record your reading session with either a photo, comment or video

- Press the green tick

- Your comment will be recorded and available to view by the teacher