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Key Worker information

Dear Parents,

School Closure- Provision of care for the children of key workers


As you will be aware, the school is closing on Friday 20th March 2020 and will not be open again for the foreseeable future.


We will understand the extent of what we are being asked to do once guidance is published, but at the moment we believe that the offer of the provision with be made to families where couples are key workers or single parents who are key workers. The list of occupations that are currently expected to be on the list, but not confirmed, are as follows:

National Health Service

Armed forces

Teachers and childcare staff

Care home workers

Social workers

Police officers, community support, civilian staff

Prison officer or other probation staff


Local authority planners

Environmental health officers

Highway Agency traffic officer

Supermarket workers

Delivery drivers

Infrastructure workers, such as gas and electricity


In order to plan our next steps, we would need to identify which of our children would qualify for this provision. If you think your job is listed, please either screenshot and email in a copy of your ID badge, contract, payslip or service website that identifies you to and whether it would be full time provision required, or particular sessions.   Alternatively, pop into the school office to show this information to Mrs Jeffcoate and relay what sessions you would require.


Kind Regards

Lisa Watson