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Geography lessons at Lavendon School generate a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that we hope will remain with each child for the rest of their lives.


Our pupils learn about diverse places, people, resources and environments, with a deepening understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes and of the formation of landscapes and environments over time.


In Early Years, Geography comes under the curriculum area of ‘Understanding the World,’ providing links with science and history. We encourage the children to explore our outdoor area and investigate the plants and animals that we find there – as well as comparing the local area to the Arctic in our ‘Frozen’ topic. The children also thoroughly immerse themselves in our topic about growth and change. Pupils begin to develop the necessary geographical skills of research, diagrams, labels and map work through each of their topics.   


In Key stage 1 we begin to look in more detail at our local area, particularly during our topic of ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Cruise Down the Ouse’ – where the children venture out into the local area to look at different buildings and homes and compare them with those in other areas and countries. They will learn to draw and interpret maps and to develop a variety of other skills through our topic work, including those of enquiry, problem-solving, investigating and presenting our work, calling on skills learned in maths and English and applying them in new ways.


In Key Stage 2 the pupils begin to widen their knowledge of human and physical geography across the UK, into Europe and by upper key stage 2 this is taken globally. Pupils are encouraged to deepen their knowledge of drawing and interpreting maps, having a greater understanding on the world make up as well as environmental issues that are facing the planet and solutions for these. 


The learning objectives of each lesson draw from knowledge and skills included in the National Curriculum. Projects provide highly productive opportunities to use and apply literacy, numeracy and computing skills whilst learning geography through a range of exciting, creative activities.