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Oceana Fundraising Oak Class

£60 raised from 4 girls in Oak class for a charity they are passionate about Oceana. Read about how they did it!

Recently, we have been raising money for a charity called Oceana UK, which helps make the ocean a better and much healthier habitat for marine animals to live in and is helping endangered species including blobfish. )c: To organise this, we had to send an email asking for permission from the headteacher - Mrs. Watson. We put a lot of hard work into it, and it took 1 months to prepare this. We made a donation pot and a box for the 111-wristbands to be seen in while we waited for them to arrive. Once we had got them ready we made a PowerPoint and did an assembly in front of 162 children (The whole school not including the teachers). The next day, the wrist bands were out on the playground for people to buy. At first, there were only a few customers, however, the next week of sale, went really well, each day with more and more customers. By Thursday we only had a couple of wristbands left and we had completely sold out by Friday break time. In total we have made £60 all going to save our oceans!

Thank-you to everyone who has donated some money to Oceana. You have all helped contribute to saving marine life.  😊


By Tilly and her friends, all helping to save the ocean!