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Acorns Class Teacher:  Mrs Nicola Houghton

Welcome to Acorn Class Page!

Time to move on... happy holidays Acorns 2016-2017

Time to move on... happy holidays Acorns 2016-2017 1 Thank you for a wonderful year Acorn Class.
As an exciting end to a fun filled year, we planned, prepared, and took part in a Pirate Picnic. Thank you to Mrs Surtees-Wheat who helped us cook the biscuits and Mrs Lamb and Mrs Meridge who helped us make the Pirate Pizzas. All aboard for the last day as Acorns. Shiver me timbers! 

Living Eggs!

What an amazing week we have had. Our eggs were delivered on Monday and we cared for them in the incubator until they hatched and had become strong enough to go into their brooder box. The first chick hatched Tuesday evening after we had gone home but Mrs Meridji managed to capture it on video.


We had more luck  on Wednesday when, with bated breath, we all watched one chick hatch. We couldn't believe how the chick had fitted inside the egg, especially when it dried out and became super fluffy. Now 8 chicks, 2 male and 6 female are thriving and have already started growing their adult feathers.


The children have been learning how to care for the chicks, cleaning their box and incubator, ensuring they have water and food and that the temperature is correct. Everyone in the school has been popping in and visiting our new school members and we have all become very attached to them. At the end of this week all the chicks will be going to their new home next door to Ms. Brothwell. We are so pleased because it means we will be still be able to see pictures of them and hear about how well they are settling in.



This term Percy the Park Keeper is going to teach us all about growing. Come and play in Percy's hut, read in our reading garden and investigate the seeds, plants and tadpoles on our investigation table.

Look out for further pictures when our 'Living Eggs' arrive and chicks start hatching. 

Easter Fun in the Sun!
World Book Day was tremendous fun! 
Picture 1

Acorns in Space


It was really windy today so we decided to find out which planet was the windiest. Although other planets can be windy Neptune's winds are the fastest in the solar system, reaching 1,600 miles (2,575 kilometers) per hour. Neptune's large, sweeping wind storms could consume the entire planet Earth!

We decided to explore the wind on Earth today using leafs and scarves.

It's a bit windy!

Pancake Day in Space

Did you know that Alien's love pancakes as well as underpants?

Picture 1

Our enormous telescope

Our enormous telescope 1
This week we have made an enormous telescope with Mrs Burbridge. We have different caps to put on the end showing different planets. At the moment our favourite planet is Mars.

Arctic Explorers

This term we are Arctic explorers. Today we had a special visit from a Polar Bear who answered our questions about the Arctic and Polar Bears. We were very surprised when she showed us how she could dance! We all joined in. The most observant among us noticed that the bear danced remarkably like Mrs Watson.

Forest animals came to visit us!

A huge thank you to Mr Dave Sharpe from Raptor Exotics.

We had such a wonderful time meeting and learning about all of your creatures. My favourite was the White Faced Owl. Teachers learn things everyday, I didn't know that owls caught sound on their round faces!

Some of us fell in love with the rather gooey giant snails. Look out for our two newest members of Acorn Class, yet to be named.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Outdoor Fun
What a wonderful day we have had today. We visited the 'Enchanted Forest', built fairy houses and made tree monsters. We listened to a robin sing and used his song as part of our story walk. After lunch we made leaf crowns and magic wands before toasting marshmallows around the fire pit. Well done Acorns you were amazing.
Book and Biscuit

We love reading stories during 'Book and Biscuit' on a Wednesday afternoon. We love the biscuits even more! 

Thank you to the families who have provided biscuits and cakes. 

Our first term in Acorn Class