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Acorn Class Teacher: Mrs Nicola Houghton 

Acorn Teaching Assistant: Mrs Helen Lamb

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We love Acorn Class

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We were very hot today so we decided to hold a 'Splashathon'. Two builders trays were filled to the brim with water. The children were divided into two teams, the Seagulls and the Crabs. To win the competition the children had to be the first team to empty the tray of water. To do this they had to make the biggest splashes. It was very close but the Seagulls were the winners! We all got very wet! It was wonderful.
Today we had our own Royal Wedding. We had florists, a photographer, caterers, dress designers and a live band for the after party. I think you will agree that the bride was radiant and the bridesmaids were beautiful. Thanks to the vicar for a lovely service.  Disappointingly the video is too large to load onto this page. Please ask a member of our team if you would like to see it. Instead here are a few choice shots.

Our Wonderful Wedding

Our Wonderful Wedding 1 The bride with her father.
Our Wonderful Wedding 2 The bride, her father and beautiful bridesmaid
Our Wonderful Wedding 3 The groom and his best man.
Our Wonderful Wedding 4 The exchanging of rings.
Our Wonderful Wedding 5 I now pronounce you man and wife.
Our Wonderful Wedding 6 The happy couple.
Our Wonderful Wedding 7 A married man.
Our Wonderful Wedding 8 Relaxing at the Wedding Breakfast
Our Wonderful Wedding 9 Happy guests.
Our Wonderful Wedding 10 The caterers washing up
We galloped out on our horses. We saw lots of flowers and grass and looked for crops in the fields. Oil Seed Rape was growing on the path! There were horses, a goat and a cockerel in the field. We found a Lavendon Rock, can you find where we re-hid it?  In the copse we tied up our horses and found a Robin, lots of mini beasts and most exciting of all sticky buds. Look at the trees, we saw a nest hiding in the branches.The pond had a lot of weed and slimy plants growing, the bees and the butterflies liked this. Crab apples had fallen from the tree. Everyone agreed that we love going out to see things growing and need to make sure we look after our environment and take away any rubbish with us.

Our beans have grown and gone out for giants!

Our beans have grown and gone out for giants! 1

Acorn Class have been so excited to watch the chicks hatch this week. We have learnt how to care for the chicks and have ensured that they are growing up healthy and happy. The older classes have also enjoyed meeting them. On Friday the Railway Nursery children came to meet them and thought they were lovely and soft. We are looking forward to observing how much they have grown over the weekend ! The chicks really are noisy visitors and will be missed when they go to their adoption parents at the end of this week.


World Book Day

We absolutely loved World Book Day. We came dressed as a favourite character and shared lots of stories with our friends. We made up our own stories about our characters and will put them into a class book next week. 
We asked Sally lots of questions about being a polar bear. Sally loves dancing. It is a little strange that she dances just like Mrs Watson. 

Sally the Polar Bear came to visit us!

Today as we reach the final days of our Enchanted Forest theme we met some special birds. We met Enzo the Kestrel, Peanut the Barn Owl, Sandler the Hawk and Humpty the Eagle Owl. We held the White Faced Scopse Owl and met a Black Striped Owl. Peanut the Barn Owl flew to our hands when we offered him some chicken. Thank you so much to the Falconer from Bedford Bird of Prey Centre. 

Thank you to the Railway Nursery for allowing us to share

their Fire Engine visit.

Our fireman song...

111 is wrong

and so is 222,

333,444 and 555 won't do

the number that you need

to get a proper line

for fire, police and ambulance is


The first week in Acorn Class was fun!